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Dan Reynolds Talks to Dr Norton – rheumatologist with AS | This AS Life

In this episode of This AS Life Live!, Dan Reynolds sits down with Dr. Hillary Norton, a rheumatologist with AS, to talk about why she became a rheumatologist, her experience treating patients who share her disease and how she lives an AS-adjusted life. Because of her personal experience living with AS, Dr. Norton really understands what her AS patients are going through.  



In honor of World AS Day, we hope you enjoy this episode of This AS Life Live!  Help us spread AS awareness by sharing with your family and friends, and stay tuned for more episodes!


4/17  XAT-1343296


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Find Support

Take on AS with an army behind you. Patient support groups can be there to celebrate with you in the ups and pick you up in the downs. They’re also great places to get practical advice about living with AS.

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